6th International
of Interior
The Academy of
Fine Arts in Krakow


in (the)

6 Biennale

6th Biennial

in (the) FUTURE
perspektywa sztuki przestrzeni

International scientific conference

Future thinking in design

We are pleased to invite you to the international conference Future thinking in design, which aims to create a space for exchanging thoughts on the design of the future and the future of design.

The conference will be held on 12-13 March 2020 in the main hall of the J. Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, pl.  Matejki 13.

The future of design thinking lies in going beyond design based on the present, so as a non-linear process, based on empathy and experimentation, tools derived from strategic forecasting, it moves towards prototyping the future.

The shape of the space in which we live is the result of planned actions and completely random, better and worse interventions, successful and unsuccessful buildings and places, depending on the ever-new environmental and social aspects.

Conditions for the submission of a presentation or a lecture
A presentation or a lecture will be submitted by an independent academic employee of an art, design or technical college or a designer with significant design and scientific achievements.
If you are interested, please send the subject of your presentation or lecture together with a short summary in Polish and English (max. 3500 characters) by 15.01.2020 to the e-mail address info@inaw.pl

In case of great interest, the organizer reserves the right to choose a presentation or lecture from among the submitted applications.


* After confirmation of participation in the conference, the article should be sent for publication.
by 31.01.2020 to info@inaw.pl

text (Times New Roman, 11 points) in .doc or .docx, not less than 12 000
characters with illustrations in Polish and English.
The reviewed scientific publisher will include topics presented during the conference*.

The condition for participation in the conference and publication of the article in the publishing house is payment of a fee of 550 PLN to the organizer's account. Details along with the acceptance of the subject will be sent to the authors via e-mail. The organizer does not cover the costs of travel and accommodation of lecturers.

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