6th International
of Interior
The Academy of
Fine Arts in Krakow


in (the)

6 Biennale

6th Biennial


in (the) FUTURE
perspektywa sztuki przestrzeni

The student competition

the future is now!

future living / future experience / future humanity

XXI century is the  time of serious cultural, economic, technological and social changes, relations between people become virtual, they shape the space of life - the matter generated in real time, as a result of meeting, in the face of changeability and fluidity, which have taken over the present. The architecture in which we live is a space equally material and immaterial, filled with content, emotions, a system of mutual connections, dependencies and interactions. It's a space that takes place more or less virtually, but still here and now, that's why we postulate changing values and challenges for a better future life, space and experience - for better living / smart living. Because for designers the future is now! - Let's start thinking about the future now: designing the future, because architecture is the physical reflection of lifestyle evolution, and design shapes a constantly exploited living environment - a system of interdependencies, connections and interactions. Let's not design futuristic buildings - let's design ideas that will become architecture, that will transform into spaces of future recipients, their emotions, impressions and ways of experiencing, let's design relationships, meetings, create new languages that will serve to express new needs, let's design the future now! the future is now!

The task of the future is now!design competition accompanying the 6th International Biennale of Interior Design inAW 2020 is a project-based presentation of the way of thinking about the future of designing and designing the future in the context of changing interpersonal relations and relations between man and the environment.

Project categories

open space | future living

scope of the study:
︎ architecture of place and surroundings / vision of life in the future / designer - director of experiences / new function of architecture, interior / eco space

space of architecture | future experience

scope of the study:
︎ interior design extended by new contemporary, visionary functional and spatial assumptions / spaces and experimental objects / design technologies / eco space

space in detail | future humanity

scope of the study:
︎ utility elements in interior spaces or public spaces, man and objects of the future, relations: man and ecosphere / eco space

The aim
The aim of the project is a comprehensive, visionary view of space: architecture and its relations, its immediate surroundings, transition areas between interior and exterior spaces, interactions undertaken by its users in the face of changes brought about by technological and digital development. The competition works are to be a visualization of the future in design, as if this future has already begun today.

Description of the competition work
The Competition work should include:
︎design ideas and assumptions
︎the characteristics and mode of use

Presentation of the project in the following formats (to choose from)
︎70 x 100 cm (max. 3 pcst.)
For online registration, the required illustrations in a selectable format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) are required

︎spatial presentation (with a maximum area of 2 m2)
Required model photos (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) required for online registration

︎design concept in the form of a film etude (.mov, .wmv)
When registering online, you must include images, frames from the film (.jpg, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)

The marking of design works will be individual for each participant according to the guidelines after the application of the willingness to participate in the competition. The forms of presentation of the competition work may not have any additional copyright designations.

a. Competition works are an original artistic work which is a conceptual design study fulfilling the competition assumptions.
b. Competition works sent by post, courier or other means, which reach the Ordering Authority after the deadline for submission of works, which will be confirmed in the protocol, will not be considered as submitted and may be collected by the Participant only at his expense.
c. The Competition works will be encrypted by the Competition Secretary by assigning an individual code to each work.

Online registration

From 31.01.2020 by email konkurs@inaw.pl 

Closing of the project submission
Closing of the project submission:
20.02.2020, 5 pm (depending on time of delivering the project until 5 pm)

Projects should be sent to the following address:

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts Faculty of Interior Design
ul. Humberta 3 31-121
Kraków, Poland

with adnotation:
konkurs studencki THE FUTURE IS NOW!

Project evaluation criteria
︎idea and visionary design solutions
︎taking account of social life
︎innovative and experimental design methods
︎environmental considerations
︎artistic and individual level of project presentation

Awards and distinctions
✺ Grand Prix* 6 International Biennial of Interior Design, index of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, founded by the Rector of the J. Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow,︎
✺ Award founded by the Dean of the Faculty of Interior Design of the J. Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, ︎
✺ Distinction,︎
✺ Distinction


* If the winner of the Grand Prix VI International Biennale of Interior Design is a student of undergraduate studies in the field of interior design, he or she will receive an index book of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow for the academic year 2020/21 or 2021/22 (this applies only to the second degree studies with major of  interior design), this award is not granted to collective works.

Regulations of the contes
1. The organizer reserves the right to divide the prize.
2. Money awards and distinctions are subject to taxation in accordance with applicable regulations.
3. The proposal of awarding certain prizes is prepared by the Jury appointed to this Competition.
4. After the end of the Competition and after the payment of cash prizes, the Organizer becomes the owner of copies of the awarded and distinguished Competition works.
5. Competition works that have not been awarded any prizes or distinctions will be collected after the end of the post-competition exhibition, against the return of the receipt of the submission of the work.
6.  Money prizes will be paid within no less than 15 days and no more than 30 days from the date of approval of the results of the competition by the secretary of the jury.
7. The public announcement of the results of the Competition will take place on 11 March 2020 at 7 p.m. (Malopolska Garden of Art [MOS]). Participants of the Competition will be informed about the results via e-mail.
8. In the event that it is determined after the identification of the Competition works that a participant of the Competition or a work submitted to the Competition does not meet the requirements specified in the Competition Regulations, such work or works will be rejected, and such participant will be excluded from the participation in the Competition and will not be entitled to any prize.
9. The Organizer will notify all Participants of the competition results who submitted their works and will publish the results of the competition on its website: www.inaw.pl
10. After the Competition has been settled, all or selected Competition works will be presented at a post-competition exhibition, which will be notified separately by the Organizer.
11.  Competition works may not be made public or otherwise disseminated in whole or in part before the date of the public announcement of the results of the competition.
12. The Organiser, irrespective of the date of payment of prizes and without additional remuneration for the Competition Participants, reserves the right to present and make available to the public all or selected Competition works during the public post-competition exhibition, to reproduce and publish them using any technique (including printing, reprography and digital recording), to lend, to produce and to distribute in the manner described above copies of the work in the form of an exhibition catalogue (printed or digital), as well as on the Internet. Participants also agree to make any necessary modifications (e.g. format changes) related to the publication of the competition entries. The declaration of granting the license in accordance with the above rules is included in the application form for the competition.
13. The above arrangements will not violate the personal copyrights of the authors of the works.
14. The authors of the awarded works transfer the proprietary copyrights to the competition work.
15. The participant of the competition will declare and guarantee that the use of a competition work by the Organizer will not violate any rights of third parties, including the property and personal rights of third parties.

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