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Regulations for the Student Competition of the 5th International Biennale of Interior Design INAW 2018


Title of the competition:



I.    General Provisions
1.    These Regulations specify the conditions for the Student Competition of the 5th International Biennale of Interior Design INAW 2018 “mos-space – re/in/venting”. The Regulations are available at the Biennale’s website and to download as a PDF file under the tab COMPETITION www.inaw.pl
2.    The Department of Interior Design of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, ul. Humberta 3, 31-121 Kraków is organiser of the Competition, hereinafter: the Organiser. 
3.    Co-organisers:
−    The Małopolska Garden of Arts in Kraków, ul. Rajska 13, 31-024 Kraków, 
−    The Juliusz Slowacki Theatre in Kraków, pl. Św. Ducha 1, 31-025 Kraków.
4.    Each adult student of a department of interior design, industrial design (industrial forms), architecture and other related field of study, studying at either state or private design or architecture universities from this country or abroad, may take part in the Competition.
5.    The Competition is open to individual students or groups consisting of no more than three students. All students making up a group have to meet the conditions specified in item I.4 of the Regulations.
6.    This is a one-stage competition in which participants (“the Participants”) submit applications to be admitted to take part in the Competition via on-line registration under the tab CONTEST at the website www.inaw.pl/Contest. The Organising Body authorises participation in the Competition and invites the Participants who meet the requirements set out in the Competition Regulations to submit works to the competition.
7.    By claiming participation in the Competition, the Participants give their consent to take part in the Competition under the conditions specified in the Regulations.


II.    Objectives of the Competition
1.     The object of the contest consists in designing a redefinition of the interior space and space around the Małopolska Garden of Arts building in Kraków (ul. Rajska 12, Kraków) taking into consideration new values as well as the place’s tradition, and providing it with a clear structure as somewhere where it is possible appreciate culture, find information, establish new contacts, work and relax. The project should fall within at least one of the following categories:
Scope of work: architecture of place and surroundings, presentation of different artistic activities in relation to the surroundings, role of the Małopolska Garden of Arts in Kraków, etc. The project may include redefinition of the existing object’s function.
Scope of work: interior design whose function accords with the planned strategy of the institution’s development (attached), extended with a new, up-to-date, visionary functional-spatial assumption.
Scope of work: items of equipment in the interior space or public space around the Małopolska Garden of Arts. 

2.    The purpose of the Competition is to select the best visual, functional and substantive projects for a new concept for the interior development of the building and the surrounding environment. 
3.    The project is intended to look in a visionary and holistic way at the function and interior design of the Małopolska Garden of Arts, its nearest surroundings and the transition areas between interior and outside spaces, creating an architectonic vision in the context of the mission and forms of the institution’s conduct while respecting the existing architectonical shape.
4.    All information materials and guidelines relating to the Competition as well as technical documentation can be found and downloaded via the tab CONTEST. 
5.    Participants  may download registration documents from under the tab CONTEST at www.inaw.pl.


III.    Competition schedule
1.    The Competition lasts from 30 October 2017 to 07 March 2018. 
2.    Submission of on-line applications for the Competition is open from 15.01.2018 - 28.02.2018 - the form is available at www.inaw.pl
3.    Competition projects should be submitted up until 28 February 2018 to the Department of Interior Design at ul. Humberta 3 in Kraków. For mail, the date of delivery to the Department of Interior Design at ul. Humberta 3 in Kraków is taken into account.
4.    The Competition concludes on 7 March 2018.

IV.    Conditions for participation in the Competition
1.    To participate in the Competition, it is necessary to submit an application by taking part in on-line registration – filling in the Application Form at www.inaw.pl
2.    A completed Application Form submitted via the Competition’s website authorises the Participant to submit one project.
For a team project, one-time registration allows one project to be submitted. The first person listed on the Application Form is the Team representative.
Besides the Application Form, Participants should send a short presentation of their Project in a form consistent with the requirements of item V.2, below, with illustrations/pictures of a model/single pictures or film frames (either .jpg, .jpeg, .png) at 72 dpi. Dimensions of a single picture cannot exceed 1336 px width and 770 px height and be larger than 800 kB.
3.    By signing up for the Competition the Participant gives their consent to have his/her personal data processed by the Department of Interior Design of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków for the purposes of the Competition. The data are given voluntarily, with right to access and correct the data reserved. 
4.    The registered Participant shall deliver to the Department of Interior Design of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków at ul. Humberta 3 in Kraków, II p. personally, via mail or courier the required Competition Work, being a subject of the Competition, within the agreed deadline not later than by 28 February 2018.
5.    The Organizer will notify all Participants who have submitted works to the Competition of the Competition’s results and will publish the results on its website www.inaw.pl.
6.    Competition entries sent via mail or courier or delivered in other way, including in person, that are received by the Organiser after the deadline, as confirmed in the protocol, will not be deemed submitted and may be taken back by the Participant exclusively at his/her expense.
7.    If it turns out that the Participant or the work submitted within the Competition does not meet the requirements specified in the Competition Regulations, then such work is rejected and the Participant is excluded from the Competition and is not entitled to any award.

V.    Form of design work
1.    Within the Competition the Participant has to prepare a work containing:
−    concepts and design assumptions,
−    indication of execution place,
−    characteristics and the type of use of the project.
2.    The project should be presented in one of the following selected formats:
 2a. A drawing/full scale drawing in format 70 x 100cm (max. 3 drawings). For on-line registration, illustrations required in a format to be selected (.jpg, .jpeg, .png)
 2b. Spatial presentation (surface max. 2.1 sq.m). For on-line registration, model photographs required (.jpg, .jpeg, .png)
 2c. Final concept in the form of a film study (mov, wmv). For on-line registration, pictures, movie frames (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) should be attached. 
3.    All forms of project presentation will be anonymous. 
Works cannot contain any copyright marks such as first name/first name and second name/second name of the author or name of the group.

VI.    Manner of submitting competition designs
1.    All forms of presentation of competition works submitted to the Organiser, sent via mail, courier or delivered in any other way, including in person, may not reveal any details regarding the author/authors. Protected works should be submitted in appropriate packaging. Each package may contain only one competition work. The Participant should attach a sealed envelope with the APPLICATION FORM to the outer surface of the packaging. 
If the work is sent by courier, the envelope should be attached to the packaging in a way that prevents its falling off when the package is delivered by the courier. If the work is delivered personally, the envelope should be given to the secretary of the competition who takes the work. The envelope may not be put inside the packaging.
2.    During on-line registration competition works will be encrypted – the generated code should be placed on each element of the contest work.

VII.    Competition jury
1.    The Competition Jury comprises the following members: 
Stanisław Tabisz – Rector of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Krzysztof Głuchowski – Director of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków 
Krzysztof Ingarden – Architect, designer of the Małopolska Garden of Arts 
Agnieszka Łakomy – Visual artist of the City of Kraków 
Beata Gibała-Kapecka – Dean of the Department of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Bohdan Lisowski – President of the Association of Polish Architects Kraków
Mauro Afro Borella – Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Politecnico di Milano
Marco Bonetto – President of the Targa Rodolfo Bonetto
2.    During the assessment the Jury will pay special attention to: 
−    concept and visionary design solutions,
−    context of place and user,
−    aesthetics,
−    functionality and diversity of use,
−    taking into consideration social life
−    ecological aspects, 
−    creative contribution to planning urban space,
−    artistic and individual level of project presentation.

VIII.    Prizes and rules of receipt
1.    The following prizes will be granted:
    Grand Prix* of the 5th International Biennale Of Interior Design 
    Admission to the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków*
    1st prize 
    sponsored by the Director of the Theatre PLN 3,000 (net)
    2nd prize 
    Sponsored by the Dean of the Department of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in the amount of PLN 3,000 (net)
    1st honorary distinction
    2nd honorary distinction

 *If the winner of the Grand Prix of the 5th International Biennale Of Interior Design is a student of bachelor’s studies in the field of interior design, he or she will be granted admission to the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts In Kraków for the academic years 2018/19 or 2019/20 (applies only to students of the second-degree cycle of interior design), this prize is not granted to team works.


1.    The Jury decides who will receive the next prizes.
2.    The Organiser reserves the right to divide a prize or prizes and to refuse to grant any prize or prizes, and the right to grant additional special prizes.
3.    A list of winners will be published on www.inaw.pl by 7 March 2018 (included). 
4.    The winners will be notified via e-mail and invited to the award ceremony and announcement of the results of the Competition, which will take place on 7 March 2018. 
5.    Public publication of the results of the Competition will take place on the opening day of VMBAW on 7 March 2018, during a vernissage at 18:30 in the Małopolska Garden of Arts. 
6.    Cash prizes will be paid within a minimum 15 days and maximum 30 days from the date of the Jury Commissioner approving the Competition’s results. 
7.    The winner is obliged to give the Competition Organiser his/her personal data necessary for the proper execution of the Competition and prize-giving.
8.    The Organizer reserves the right to change the date when the results are to be published and the award ceremony is to take place.
9.    Participants who did not receive any prizes or distinctions and were not invited to cooperate with the Co-organiser may take back the works they submitted on the last day of exhibition or within the next five following days at 10:00-17:00 from the Competition Organiser's office at ul. Humberta 3 in Kraków, upon prior e-mail notice of being willing to take back the work (information should be sent to inaw@inaw.pl). After this period any works remaining will be destroyed.

IX.    Copyright
1.    By filling in the application form, all Participants declare that they are the sole rights-holders to the materials they submitted.
2.    The Competition Organiser and Co-organiser reserve the right to use the submitted works (or fragments) free of charge, in particular to publish them in the press, internet or present them in other media.
3.    The exclusive right to the solutions used in the Work is held by the Work’s Designers. Competition works are original artistic works being a conceptual design work meeting the contest conditions.
4.    Once the Competition has been completed and cash prizes paid, the Organiser becomes the owner of the prize-winning competition works. The authors of the awarded works transfer the economic copyright to their works to the Organiser and Co-organiser. The awarded Participants submit to the Organiser a copy of their works. 
5.    The author of the selected work will be given an opportunity to cooperate with the Organiser in the implementation of his/her project consisting in authorship supervision and making potential changes to it, subject to a separate agreement with the Co-organiser.
6.    Competition works, neither in part nor in whole, can be made available publicly or disseminated in any other way before the date of publication of the Competition’s result. 
7.    The Organiser, regardless of the date of payment of prizes and without any additional remuneration to the Competition Participants, reserves the right to present and make publicly available all or selected competition works during a public post-competition exhibition, to reproduce and publish, using any technique (including print, reprography and digitalisation), to lend, produce in a way described below a copy of the work and disseminate it in the form of an exhibition catalogue (digital or printed) and via the Internet. Additionally, Participants give their consent to introducing any necessary modifications (e.g. in the format) related to the publication of the contest works. A statement on granting a license on the above principles has been incorporated into the application form to the Competition.
8.    The above arrangements do not infringe personal copyrights owned by the authors of the works.
9.    The Competition Participant will declare and guarantee that using the work by the Organiser will not infringe any third party’s rights, including economic or personal rights. 
10.    The Co-organiser has the right to withdraw from the implementation or not to use any project.
11.    If different parts of several projects will be selected to be implemented, the author of a given project has the right to authorship supervision only in the part related to his/her project and agrees that the remaining spaces will be arranged according to other projects.

X.    Additional provisions
1.    The Competition Organisers reserve the right to contact only selected Competition Participants.
2.    The personal data submitted will be used only for the purposes of proper implementation of the Competition and supply of awards.
3.    The Competition Organisers are not liable for any irregularities resulting from wrong address or other incorrect personal data submitted by the Competition Participant. 
4.    The Winners cannot demand change of prizes or demand cash equivalents for tangible prizes.
5.    The Competition Organisers are not liable for the quality and consequences of services provided by telecommunication operators, post office and other persons.
6.    These Regulations are the only document setting out rules for the Student Competition of the 5th International Biennale Of Interior Design INAW 2018 “mos-space – re/in/venting”.
7.    These Regulations will be provided for review at the Competition Organiser’s registered office in the office of the Department of Interior Design at ul. Humberta 3 in Kraków and at the website www.inaw.pl
8.    The Participants cover all costs related to preparing and submitting the design to the Competition.
9.    The Competition Participant may change or withdraw the project only before the deadline for submitting the application forms. Notification on changes to the project or its withdrawal has to be submitted in a manner and form provided for in the original application, however, the packaging (envelope) should contain the additional marking “CHANGE”/“WITHDRAWAL of the work”. 

XI.    Complaint procedure
1.    In the event of doubt by the Participants relating to the correctness of the Competition and selection of winners and its compliance with the Regulations, Participants may lodge a complaint in writing within 14 working days from the publication of the Competition results. The Complaint should be sent via registered letter to the address of the Department of Interior design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, ul. Humberta 3, 31-121 Kraków, with a note “V M Biennale Architektury Wnętrz 2018[5th Biennale of Interior Design]” and contain a substantial justification.
2.    After the deadline complaints will not be reviewed. Complaints lodged within the deadline will be reviewed within 30 days from their submission by a Board of Appeal appointed by the Competition Organisers.
The Organiser may at any time, before the deadline for submitting the competition works, modify the content of the Regulations, and such changes will not relate to the extension of the scope of work, limitation of the amount of prizes and shortening the deadlines. Information on modifications will be published immediately on the Competition website, and if such modification is made after qualifying for the Competition, information will be also sent to the e-mail addresses of the Participants who have qualified. The modifications to the Regulations made by the Organiser are binding for the Competition Participants.