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In reply to the energy self/ie space* Competition announcement I submit Application Letter. I declare that. I accept the Rules of the Competition and its attachments. I also declare that I transfer free of charge the whole copyrights for the contest project for the benefit of the Organiser: The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, in the following areas of exploitation:

1. the area of registration and multiplication of the design – executing the copies of the design in the defined technique, including printing, reprographic, magnetic and digital techniques

2. the area of the turnover of the original or its copies where the original has been registered, introducing to the market, lending, renting or leasing the original or its copies

3. the area of publication of the design in a way different from specified in item above – exhibiting, projecting as well as making it publicly accessible in order to allow everybody to have access to it in place and time selected by themselves

4. and the right to express my consent to execute the subsidiary copyrights to the work.